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Welcome to the Mondesa Foundation

We want to make an impact in our community!

Empower People in the township of Mondesa

How we got started

The idea became alive when Nande Junias showed Renate Epper around the township of Mondesa, as she travelled to Namibia.

Our Vision

We want to improve the life of children and people in the community. This is achieved through sport, education, warm breakfast at school, help starting small businesses and community events.

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, we collect donations (money, goods or volunteering) to support the different needs in the Mondesa school and community.

Our Latest News


News Article about Nande Junias Explorer Tours

Mr. Nande Junias is a young entrepreneur in the Tourism Industry – Swakopmund. He began his career 15 years ago with Hata Angu Cultural Tours owned by Mr. Raymond Inixas.[…]

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Goods for Life

A Container filled with daily goods will soon be sent from Switzerland to Mondesa Township. The Mondesa Community School Foundation believes that every child in Mondesa has a right to[…]

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Mondesa School

The school has more than 1000 students from first to seventh grade. All students are required to wear the school uniform. The school relies on parents and local organizations to raise funds.

A day in school


I get up and take a bath in cold water. If we have electricity then we can warm up some water. I cannot wait to go to school since we get a warm breakfast at school. I am walking to school with my friends from my neighborhood.


Before school starts, we get our breakfast. It is a warm porridge, to warm us up and to give us enough energy for school. The breakfast we get is funded through fundraising events. We wait for our teacher to open the classroom. We sing a couple songs and pray together before we start.


Now we move onto the next subject. We are having Mathematics, Geography, Physical Science, Life Science, Social Religion, Arts Class, Music Class, Sports, English, Afrikaans class and even some indigenous languages.


Now we have our break. We eat our snacks, talk with our friends and play games together.


Our next class begins. Our mind is refreshed after the break and we are ready to learn more. We love going to school and learn new things. It is truly a privilege.


Now its lunchbreak and I will walk home with my friends. On few afternoons, we have classes as well. When we do not have school, we enjoy our free time with friends and do our homework.

A warm meal a day

Since February 2018, the Mondesa School and Community Foundation started to offer a warm meal a day for over 350 children who do not have the opportunity to get a warm meal a day at home. Since we started offering the meal for those children, more and more children are attending the daily classes.

Empower Women

Our goal is to help the women in our community. We want to help them with various tasks. For example, lend our sewing machines, so they can start sewing their own textiles. Another example is to help working moms with day-care of their children while they are at work.

Elderly People

Our vision to help elderly and disabled people

We want to help eldery people and disabled people: Bring them meals, go to for a walk with them or accompany them to a doctor if needed. In addition, we want to provide special equipment for eldery or disabled people such as a wheelchair. Most importantly, we want to help to integrate them into the community.

Visiting elderly people at their homes

They always enjoy some company. Moreover, little things like a toothbrush, soap or a warm blanket for the winter are highly appreciated. We love to put a smile on their face, which always leaves a deep impression in our hearts.


If you want to empower the childern of Mondesa. There are many opportunities to help.

We use the bank account of our partner foundation in Switzerland (Goods4Life), because we cannot use most of the payment services with our Namibian bank account.
100% of the donation made for the Mondesa Foundation will be transfered to our Namibian bank account.

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The Board

Nande Junias


I am the owner of Nande Junias Explorer Tours. I have been a tour guide for more than 15 years. I love to show people our culture and show them around in our township. I am donating 25% of my profit towards the community of Mondesa.

Nande Junias Explorer Tours

Renate Epper


I am from Switzerland and I have been a primary teacher for many years. Further I am on the board of the EPPER Group. I know how important good education is and this is what I want to provide for the kids here in Mondesa. In addition I want to empower the childern to choose their own future.