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Goods for Life

Goods for Life


A Container filled with daily goods will soon be sent from Switzerland to Mondesa Township. The Mondesa Community School Foundation believes that every child in Mondesa has a right to a quality education in a safe and learning friendly environment! This includes also the access to educational toys and books. Some of the children are coming from very disadvantaged homes, where they do not have access to study or reading materials. It´s important encourage the children to an optimal learning experience, which is supervised by our local trained teachers from Swakopmund Mondesa. For the children it will create a full potential in their early childhood development and a stimulating environment. At first, it sounded almost impossible to ship a container from Switzerland to Mondesa, but Nande Junias Explorer Tours did the preparations in the background. Finally, „Goods for Life» will become a true story to tell.

The donations will be shipped at the end of May from Switzerland to Namibia. This will be a great achievement for all of us! A big thank you is dedicated to all the people who are helping us to make this Container with „Goods for Life“ happen.

A big thank you goes to the School of Horw, Switzerland, India Zelt AG, Restaurant  Geissmatt and EPPER AG.